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Monday, October 08, 2007

War Museum I.

This coolbert:

Here is an attraction worth visiting.

Livingston Country War Museum - - Dal Estes Education Center.

“Living History in Livingston Country.”

From the museum’s brochure.

“Welcome to our Museum!”

“Walking through our museum is like taking a tour of the 20th Century. Including artifacts, films, books. Uniforms and weapons of several wars: World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and even current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“This is living history because our staff is made up of military veterans and history enthusiasts who are present to answer your questions and share their experiences with you.”

“Our museum does not glorify war, but show the best attributes of men and women caught up in war. In doing so, we respectfully honor the service of America’s veterans.”


"It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it." - - R.E. Lee.

Dedicated to the noble service of those that have so ably served their country since World War One [WW1]. Whether we like it or not, war IS PART of the human condition, AND sometimes a necessity! We may not admit this is so, or want to admit it is so, but there it is!!

A museum inspired by the idea of and dedicated to the memory of Dal Estes.

Dal Estes [1917-2005]. Decorated combat veteran of World War Two [WW2]. Fought in a number of WW2 campaigns and battles. To include:

* Normandy [1944].

* Battle of France [1944].

* “The Bulge” [1944].

* Across Germany to V-E Day [1945].

Ended the war as the commander of a displaced persons [DP] camp in Czechoslovakia.

A self-assured man with strong opinions, but not in any sense over-bearing! Having emerged alive and intact at the end of the war, had a lot of confidence that served him well for the remainder of his life.

A man of humble origins who led a successful and fulfilling life. After leaving WW2 military service, followed the path of so many veterans - - marriage, home, raising a family, career, working hard and achieving the American Dream.

Kudos to Dal Estes. A man who perhaps more than most, exemplifies the soldiers that comprised what is called “The Greatest Generation”!!

Education director of the museum is David Estes. Son of Dal. David is also a combat veteran. An infantryman who fought in Vietnam, seeing duty with both the 25th Infantry and 101st Airborne [airmobile at the time] divisions.

If you are traveling either from or to Chicago along Interstate-55 [I-55], make a point of stopping in Pontiac, Il., and visiting the museum. It will be worth your while!

Directions to Museum:

Take I-55 to Exit 197/Illinois 116 east to Pontiac. Museum is on the corner of Howard and Main, next to the 66 Museum [Route 66].

[Nearby is an excellent Italian restaurant. Have a bite to eat, visit the museum, ENJOY!]

Phone: (815) 842-0301.

Open Monday – Saturday 10 am-4 pm
Groups: Please call for other times!




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