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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

War Museum VIII.

This is coolbert:

* Trench knife.

Yes a trench knife from the World War One era [WW1]. A Model U.S. M1917.

"the U.S. M1917 and M1918 trench knives, which featured more complex designs including a triangular stiletto blade, wooden grip, metal knuckle guard, and a rounded pommel."

Used in trained hands, I am sure is a deadly weapon. Was used by troops during WW1 in that particularly brutal, close-quarters-combat form of warfare, the trench raid!

A close examination of this weapons seems to show that:

* The rounded pommel does not have sufficient mass to be a skull crusher?

* The metal knuckle guard also does not have sufficient metallic mass to be used as brass knuckles [knuckle duster]??

That knuckle guard has protrusions on the outside that are razor sharp. Perhaps the intent was to slash the opponent with the knuckle guard across the eyes, the stiletto blade employed in a stabbing motion?

Anthony J. Drexel Biddle would have highly approved of this trench knife. The fencing type stabbing motion followed up by the boxing punch to the face?! Yee-ouch!




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