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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bugi Men III.

This is coolbert:

Before there was the Regional Force Surveillance Units [RFSU], there was NAOU!!

"The 2/1st North Australia Observer Unit (2/1 NAOU) was an Australian Army reconnaissance unit of World War II. 2/1 NAOU was formed in May 1942 to patrol remote areas of northern Australia and provide warning to the Northern Territory Force of any Japanese landings"

"The 2/1st North Australia Observer Unit conducted horse and vehicle mounted patrols across northern Australia with the goal of observing and reporting on enemy movements on land, sea and in the air. These patrols were conducted in extremely harsh conditions, with little or no support or resupply - so this unit needed men who were very resourceful, independent, motivated and positive. Many of the soldiers from the NAOU later went on to join Z Special Unit"

Australian horse troops from World War Two! Looks like a formation from the era of the Boer War [1900]. From the time of "Breaker Morant" [Morant was a Australian stockman who made a living "breaking" wild horses]. White Aussies armed with what appears to be the SMLE rifle. Called "Nackeroos" [a jackeroo is an Aussie cowboy]. These are men in the mold of "Crocodile Dundee". Tough, hardened men, innured to hardship, accustomed to the terrain, climate, able to forage if necessary. Expert horsemen, trackers, etc.

"Many of the soldiers from the NAOU later went on to join Z Special Unit."

Right! Men already with military experience. Highly motivated soldiers with initiative. ONE OF WHICH WAS A SIXTY ONE YEAR OLD [various ages are given!] OFFICER WHO WORE A MONOCLE!!! Men who, if necessary, can operate ON THEIR OWN!!

"a 61-year-old Australian civilian, Bill Reynolds"




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