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Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is coolbert:

Go here to read a copy of an article written about Evans Carlson in 1948. A year after the death of the General. The author elaborates upon the intellectual path followed by such persons as Carlson. A path that leads to "communism"???

Persons, such as Carlson, who exist and live in the capitalist system [and thrive as well], but advocate ideals of thought and behavior as expounded by the Reds in the Soviet Union and China??

NOT an easy read, but short, to the point, and interesting nonetheless.

Carlson, during the Guadalcanal campaign, when his Raiders functioned as guerillas behind Japanese lines, lost fifty pounds in weight, contracted malaria, and had to be convalesced back to the states [hence the famous picture of himself, Mrs. Roosevelt, and James Roosevelt].

During that Guadalcanal guerilla campaign, Carlson DID allow his Raiders to grow beards and wear long hair. I am not sure if he realized this is an effective anti-malarial method or not??

Diet, malaria, loss of weight, jungle campaign. Where have we heard about that before?

I am sure that Carlson died a premature death from the rigors of the Guadalcanal campaign. Heart attack the result of exhaustion, weight loss, malaria. It all adds up.



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