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Monday, July 03, 2006


This is coolbert:

JS Bolton has commented:

"In the Venona Secrets, by Romerstein and Breindel, there is mentioned the career of Philip Faymonville, a notorious communist homosexual officer of the WWII era. Over the years, there have been persistent stories of a gay conspiracy centered in military intelligence, whose participants were loyal to the Russian nation. For several decades now, the primary recruitment mechanism postulated, of gay blackmail, would have become less and less likely to turn anyone. Faymonville had power from Harry Hopkins, identified under Venona as Stalin's man with great influence in FDR's White House. The conspiracy, if it existed as stated above, would have been set up by Faymonville's protege's.

"If it [the military intelligence conspiracy] existed now, this suggests several methods to root out suspects. One would be to test for a mix of pathogens which are common to gay men, but rare in others. From the other direction, there could be followed the links of who was promoted rapidly, by those linking back to Faymonville, through intermediaries."

Several things here worth my commenting on.

All persons who read military history, world history, the history of the Cold War, need to be cognizant of VENONA.

The very TOP SECRET project where for a period of decades, efforts made, sometimes very successfully, to read the encrypted messages of the Soviet intelligence services. Messages that dated to the era of World War Two [WW2].

According to the Englishman Peter Wright, a person privy to Venona, the decrypted messages had a profound effect on the American and English counter-intelligence. It was clear from the messages that the governments and militaries of the U.S. and England had been and were penetrated by Soviet intelligence in a shocking manner. Persons at the very top echelon of government, at the decision making level, and military men involved in "secret work", were Soviet agents.

It is clear that the Roosevelt administration before WW2 and during the war, had a lot of persons working for it that had a favorable opinion of the Soviet Union. Saw the Soviet Union as a model to be emulated in many ways. And all this at the time of Stalin and his purges too!!??

Homosexuals, during the period of WW2 universal conscription, were drafted and did serve. Most secretly acting out their behavior of an unsavory sort. These persons did seek out military positions that were desirable and did get entry to organizations such as the OSS and military intelligence. Some later became founding members of the CIA.

[the death by suicide of the CIA Swiss station chief Kronthal is said to be homosexual linked!! An upper class American at the top of the CIA from the start! The CIA was penetrated and compromised from the beginning by the Soviets!!]

[Angleton, the head of CIA counter-intelligence, almost on his death bed, confessed that the top sixty founding "fathers" of the CIA only became so without the normal security clearance checks and polygraphs. Most of those sixty felt that because of their backgrounds, they would be rejected as security risks. I wonder why??!!]

The threat of blackmail, while always a consideration in the background, is NOT the real reason why the Soviets [later the FIS] and all other intelligence agencies take a "delight" in uncovering a homosexual who has access to state secrets.

In the book "KGB", by John Barron:

"Contrary to popular supposition, the KGB is not primarily interested in homosexuals because of their presumed susceptibility to blackmail. In it's judgment [the KGB's], homosexuality is often accompanied by personality disorders that make the victim potentially unstable and vulnerable to adroit manipulation . . . Being different, he easily rationalizes that he is not morally bound by the mores, values, and allegiances that unite others . . . Moreover, he nurtures a dormant impulse to strike back at the society which he feels has conspired to make him a secret leper."

There we have it. Blackmail is a tool, but not an end unto itself. The fear of discovery and "outing" is not the primary reason a homosexual will cooperate with a hostile foreign power. The homosexual is a person subject to manipulation. A mental disorder that you do not want to have in the military. Especially in a military occupation where SECRETS must be kept.

[the moving of proteges' or others friendly into positions of power or influence would be in keeping with the workings the of Soviet intelligence services. It is reputed that the Soviet illegal spy working in the U.S., Rudolph Hermann, had designated as his successor HIS OWN SON. To be called the INHERITOR [so aptly named!!]].

"test for a mix of pathogens "

This idea has merit to it. And could [or is [??]] be done with somewhat ease.

This is a whole subject almost unto itself. The Army, and perhaps now all the U.S. military services, have for years now been taking blood samples from all personnel as a normal procedure of enlistment, re-enlistment, and obtaining a new ID card.

This has stimulated a lot of controversy in some quarters.

The purported, and probably correct explanation of why this is being done is so that the military will have on hand a sample of the troops DNA. Obtained of course from that blood sample. To identify your body on the battlefield. Experts will be able to identify with absolute certainty even the minutest remains found of a person, even blood left behind if that is all that is left. In a era where modern weapons CAN SHRED or totally OBLITERATE the human body, this is a valuable tool. Almost a must for a nation that prizes return of the bodies of fallen soldiers.

Skeptics have maintained, without any evidence that I am aware of, this there is a more malicious element to the taking of blood samples of ALL troops.

Some have suggested that these blood samples will form a data base to be used in the search for the "ethnic bomb". A biological warfare agent that effects only certain segments of the population, and leaves the remainder unscathed.

It has also been suggested that these blood samples will be used to determine who is susceptible to genetic diseases. This sort of info being shared with insurance companies and others. I suppose this is true, but again, no evidence of such a thing exists.

And again, some suggest that BLOOD SAMPLING WILL BE USED TO DETERMINE, AS JS BOLTON HAS SAID, WHO ARE AND WHO ARE NOT HOMOSEXUALS AND SUCH!! Used as evidence for persecution. This IS an observable phenomenon:

"Morbidity studies conducted by the military show that soldiers infected by the AIDS virus in years prior to their diagnosis were:

41 times more apt to have contracted syphilis;

32 times more apt to have had enlarged lymph nodes;

10 times more likely to have had hepatitis B;

5 times more likely to have contracted other sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis A;

4 times more likely to have had disorders of the anal/rectal region;

2 times more likely to have had acute pharyngitis and mononucleosis;

6 times more apt to have had urethral scarring and acute bronchitis;

8 times more likely to have had herpes zoster.23 "

Grounds for discharge yes, persecution NO!!

[persecution defined in the sense with which homosexuals define persecution so that the word has almost no meaning any more!!]

Persons working themselves into a lather over the taking of a blood sample are probably getting worked up where they should not be!!

NOT good!!



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