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Friday, July 07, 2006

Smedley & Carlson.

This is coolbert:

I can definitely see why some persons would suggest that Evans Carlson was a communist or pink around the edges.

A memorial service for the General was held shortly after his death. A eulogy was given by Agnes Smedley. A person reputed to be a long-time communist agent. Resided and did "business" in China for many years. A confidant of the ace Soviet spy Sorge.

[picture of Carlson on the left at the memorial service, Smedley on the right giving eulogy!!]

[Smedley WAS NEVER a member of the Communist Party USA. And was also on friendly terms with General Stilwell too. Does this mean that Stilwell was also a communist??!! Well, you see where this all goes!!]

How does all this add up?? NOT too well in many circles. Suspicion had to be a given toward Evans Carlson. A lot of adages may well apply in this case.

Read more about Agnes Smedley.

"Smedley covered the Chinese Civil War during the 1930s . . . She traveled with the 8th Route Army [and] the New Fourth Army. During the 1930s she applied for membership in the Chinese Communist Party but was rejected due to Party reservations about her discipline and what it viewed as her excessive independence of mind."

[that 8th Route Army again!!]

"Her ashes were buried at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Martyr's Cemetery in Beijing."



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