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Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is coolbert:

"BBC offers fortnight in the trenches
Horror of life on western front latest challenge for reality TV

by Tania Branigan

Wanted: 25 young men for a fortnight’s trip to the continent. Must be willing to wade through mud, live with rats and maggots, and be gassed, deprived of sleep and subjected to simulated shelling."

Go here and read all about this reality TV show on the BBC [England].

Twenty-five bold lads go into the muck, wet, cold of a trench and "pretend" they are back in World War One [WW1]. Do this for two weeks [fortnight].


Just like, or similar to, the previously mentioned tourist destination of the yellow cliff caves in China where one can become a member of the 8th Route Army for a day.

This TV reality show sounds a lot more serious. Sort of like the reality TV shows where the people go back in time and live as they did on a Texas cattle ranch in the era just after the American Civil War ended.

"Volunteers will spend two weeks in a trench dug along the old French lines and will be exposed to tear gas, woken at all hours, and will have to wear heavy tin helmets night and day. Each will play a real-life soldier and will have no idea when he is going to "die" — until producers remove him."

"Bloody hell mate. Watching where you dig that bloody trench now, Old Chalky. Lots of unexploded ordnance still lying around, you know. We all may really find out what it is to get our bloody arses blown away after all."



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