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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Roads III.

This is coolbert:

Ledo Road.

World War Two [WW2] road connecting British India with China. To supply the Chinese Nationalist forces with war-making munitions. A road built under the most impossible conditions imaginable. Mountainous terrain, jungle covered, monsoon rain a goodly part of the year, built under sporadic attack by Japanese forces. Had been surveyed prior to WW2 but deemed unfeasible! Amazing feats of civil engineering were required before the Ledo Road was complete, many setbacks being encountered along the way. ONLY completed JUST PRIOR to the end of WW2. Was a “white elephant” at the time of opening!

Winston Churchill called the project 'an immense, laborious task, unlikely to be finished until the need for it has passed'."

Look at that photo!! A section of the Ledo. Switchbacks all the way. Mountainous terrain. NOT AS A ROMAN WOULD HAVE BUILT A ROAD!!

Today the Ledo Road exists almost totally in name-only! A modern parallel route renders the military road useless! Read a recent National Geographic article on the Ledo Road!




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