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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Genghis II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

And here is the full dope on the search for the grave site of Genghis Khan.

Digger's May Have Found Genghis Khan's Tomb .

"'We plan to explore this site further with additional experts from the US and Mongolia,' said history professor John Woods of the University of Chicago, who directed the summertime expedition organised by former Chicago commodities trader and lawyer Maury Kravitz, an amateur explorer who has studied Khan for 40 years."

"Legend has it that Khan, whose conquests created an empire spanning two-thirds of the 'civilised' world from the Caspian Sea to present-day Hong Kong, was buried in 1227 by 2,000 servants who were slaughtered by 800 soldiers, who in turn were killed upon their return to the capital to preserve the secrecy of his resting place."

[witnesses were killed by the bodyguard, who in turn were "killed"! I had said previously the bodyguard committed suicide! Whatever way, all persons knowing of the exact location of the grave site were done away with!]




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