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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is coolbert:

“it takes only a quarter [1/4] pound of C4 explosive to bring down a commercial jet airliner! - - Bert.

From the Chicago Tribune today:

“Bill focuses on airport security”

Congressman Mark Kirk has introduced legislation to allow only U.S. citizens to work at airports jobs involving access to planes and baggage.

“The federal agency would take-over background checks on people seeking airport security credentials as well as verify their identity and legal status, Kirk said.”

[if they do take over, I hope they do a better job on background checks than the FBI and CIA did with Nada Prouty.]

All this as a result of the latest fiasco involving Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

“Federal immigration officials last week arrested more than 30 O’Hare workers who used fraudulent airport identification cards. Many of those arrested were working in the country illegally."

“The phony ID’s were used to gain access to airplanes and other secure areas.”

[ID cards passed out by the temporary hiring agency, NOT the city of Chicago!!]

These persons caught were temporary workers working for companies that provide housekeeping and food service for the various airlines.

Some further comments and clarification:

“Many of those arrested”

NO! Perhaps ALL of those arrested were illegal aliens. NOT in the country legally, seeking and gaining employment with the full knowledge that what they were doing was criminal. This temporary agency hiring the illegals is owned by a NATURALIZED CITIZEN who had ILLEGAL ALIENS ON HIS HIRING STAFF!! ILLEGALS HIRING ILLEGALS!! AND PASSING OUT ID CARDS ALLOWING ACCESS WHERE NO ACCESS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED!!

“Fraudulent airport identification cards”

“Phony ID’s”

NO! NOT phony or fraudulent. DEACTIVATED ID CARDS ACTUALLY NOT DEACTIVATED. The city of Chicago operates the airport and issues the ID cards. These were ID cards taken from previous no-longer-employed airport workers and supposedly DEACTIVATED!

Questions to be asked:

* Why were these ID’s NOT DEACTIVATED when everyone thought they had been!!??

* HOW did these ID’s get into the hands of the temporary hiring agency!!??

I hope someone can get answers to these questions. It has been over six years now since 9/11. MORE than plenty time to sort things out and provide solutions to the airport security problem. If this incident is an indication of the work being done to secure the airports of the U.S., all concerned parties get a really big, circled in RED - - F minus!!!

[further personal comment. This sort of thing just pisses me off big time!!!]




Blogger John S. Bolton said...

Another huge shoe dropped in the espionage dept.: George Koval has been unmasked as a major manhattan project spy (NYT 12th Nov '07), ~60 years after he fled to Russia. This agent of the GRU had access to several major bomb material production facilities, even though he had relatives living in a ruthless communist dictatorship, the USSR, at the time. Is our government going to learn in time that this is a security risk which has to be monitored very carefully as to how much access to sensitive information is to be given to those whose family loyalties may be exploitable by dictators who know how?

2:07 AM


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