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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is coolbert:

"The Beat Goes On"

More on the continuing saga of Nada Prouty. It gets worse and worse the more you find out.

How much more is there? Probably a lot that will never be found out.

Thanks here to the intrepid Debbie Schlussel through Robert Spencer:


"That's right: It's not just Prouty's links to the terrorists of Hezbollah that got missed, but her ties to a Nazi party."

Nada is NOT only an illegal alien, with "ties" to a jihadi financier, but her family in Lebanon are dues paying members of Syrian fascist party?? All of this of course, was MISSED by the persons doing background checks for the FBI and the CIA??!!

There is some sort of fascist party in Syria!? NOT sure of the details! We have the example of the infamous ex-German SS officer, Alois Brunner, fleeing to Syria after World War Two [WW2]. And the distinguished German tank commander Hyazinth von Strachwitz, also living in Syria in the aftermath of WW2 - - teaching tank tactics to the Syrian Army!!

"Then came reports that her sister, now a commissioned Marine officer, pulled a similar sham-marriage scam to gain US citizenship."

Now, we have to be crystal clear about this! The sister of Nada - - also an illegal alien - - IS NOW - - a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marines!! I guess she too cannot be deported!!??

"they are members of Lebanon's Druze minority"

[Nada, her sister, her cousin. All Druze?]

Druze, that enigmatic group living in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, are aligned with? I am sure the Israeli and their associates the now-long-gone South Lebanese Army, are being asked to dig up what they can dig up on Nada. Maybe have already done so and found out a lot!!??

"Prouty's cousin, Nidal Al-Aouar, was a terrorist - one who trained in North Korea and the old USSR and went on to set roadside car bombs in Lebanon on behalf of Syria."

Nidal is the type of person so favored for a long time by the communists. EVEN IF NOT a communist, trained to foment violence and maybe do espionage, on behalf of - - whom!!

Gentlemen!! Take a long hard look at that picture of Nada! Commit that face to memory! Please, this is not the type of mail-order bride you want to marry and bring home to meet mother!! Or need I say that!!??




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