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Monday, November 19, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is a web site you need to make as a favorite or a bookmark.

You can follow, with a few strokes of the mouse, access:

"Terrorism Events and Other Suspicious Activity"


* Airport/Aviation Incidents.
* Arson/Fire Incident.
* Biological Incidents/ Threats/ Anthrax Hoaxes etc.
* Bomb Incidents/Explosives/ Hoax Devices.
* Chemical Incident.
* Dam Incident.
* Radiation Incidents/ Smuggling/ Proliferation.
* Chemical Attack.
* Other Suspicious Activity.
* Shipping/Maritime/Ports/ Cargo/Waterways Security.
* Assassination/ Assassination Attempt.
* Railways/Train Stations.
* Bus Stations/ Bus Security/ Bus Related Incidents.
* Bridge / Tunnel Incidents and Security.
* Shootings / Sniper Incidents/ Etc.
* Terrorist Arrests/Captured/Killed Locations.
* General Terrorism News.
* Oil Gas Infrastructure - Incidents/Threats/ News.

Just a few years ago, this is something that would have been strictly within the purview of the CIA [U.S.] or the GRU [Russia]!

NOW, is available to anyone that has a computer, modem and a connection to the outside world. You can tailor for your specific needs. And all for FREE!

Want to be informed on world events? This is the way. Very outstanding. Cannot say enough about it.

A must!! Really!!




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