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Saturday, December 01, 2007


This is coolbert:

Hot intelligence: [thanks to KTB Sharkhunters]

1. Increased Israeli [??] clandestine radio traffic directed at secret [??] agents.

"from a radio listening post in Europe":

"the station . . . which is generally acknowledged to be the MOSAD [Mossad]/Israeli Intelligence transmitter which transmits encrypted messages to Israeli agents in whatever part of the world they happen to be . . . As at Sunday 25th November last, there was a marked increase in the output of this station"

[this is a clandestine "numbers" station. Transmitter NOT identifying itself and broadcasting "encrypted" secret messages to agents in the field.]

2. "A Chinese warship dropped anchor off Tokyo Wednesday morning"

"it was the first visit by a Chinese warship to Japan since World War II. The guided missile destroyer SHENZHEN arrived at a time when Japan has growing worries about China's blossoming military strength."

"In an obvious slap in the face to the USA, a major ally of Japan, Chinese officials refused to allow the aircraft carrier USS KITTY HAWK and her battle group to enter the port of Hong Kong.

The Chinese - - in a surprise move - - will not allow the Kitty Hawk and her battle group to enter the port of Hong Kong - - for what was a preplanned visit, WHILE - - at the same time - - having one of their own ships make a good-will visit to Japan!!

A message of import is being sent here??

Consider that: [comments thanks to Harry, KTB Sharkhunters]

* "China spends in excess of $800 billion per year on weaponry" [??]

* "the Chinese and Russian military constantly work together in war games and military exercises"

* "China has recently taken delivery of her fourth SOVREMINNY Class destroyer"

* "how many KILO Class submarines from Russia"

* "while still building who knows submarines and warships of their own [China] design"

* "the US Navy is being cut back in submarines and pretty much all facets of military strength."




Blogger John S. Bolton said...

$800 billion would be more than half their total economy, so that has to be exaggerated ten-fold at least. They are making double-digit increases in military expenditures every year. Buying subs from Russia is an indication that their costs of production for newer types of weaponry would not be that much cheaper.

3:46 AM


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