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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Victor Suvorov I.

This is coolbert:

Looked over carefully the wiki entry on Victor Suvorov.

Have some definite comments. [as usual, my comments in BOLD!]

Suvorov as a writer has been both prolific and controversial. Controversial especially with regard to "M Day".

"M-Day (Russian: День „М”) is a book by Viktor Suvorov about supposed Soviet Army preparations for the invasion of Germany. Author argues that the Soviet Army was preparing to attack the Germans when Hitler forestalled Stalin on June 22, 1941."

Stalin was going to send the Red Army west in July 1941. Invade eastern Europe, attack German forces, defeat same, and make a dash for the English channel? So says Victor.

The plans had been drawn, the troops [Soviet] were in readiness, and THEN, Hitler and the Wehrmacht strike first. With devastating consequences for the Soviet Union.

To say the least, this "theory" expounded upon by Suvorov has a lot of critics.

It should be noted, however, that Victor was not the first to propose that Stalin intended to move west in July of 1941.

"The idea about Stalin's preparations to strike prior to the Axis invasion was proposed earlier by dissident Pyotr Grigorenko"

"They [Stalinists] also have no explanation as to how it happened that the well-known song "The Holy War" was written by Stalin's order before the German invasion, or why millions of copies of the famous placard "Your Native Country calls" were printed also before the German invasion. The answer to these questions is simple: Stalin and his generals did not plan to defend the Soviet Union, on the contrary, they had planned their own invasion [of western Europe], but neglected to anticipate the possibility of similar treachery on the part of the Germans." - - P. Grigorenko.

A lot of credence has to be given to the observations of Grigorenko. DID fight with honor and distinction on the Eastern Front as a general officer in the Red Army. Subsequent to the end of the war [WW2], was a senior instructor and lecturer at the Frunze Academy.

Suvorov did expound on the theory of "M Day', with facts and considerable research. An inference regarding "Big Red moves west" has been made that is correct?

As I have said before, the controversy over "M Day" is just too "hot a potato" for the experts and the historians to handle. The entire history of WW2 would have to be re-written and re-evaluated??!!




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