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Friday, March 24, 2006


This is coolbert:

Speak of the devil. I have been talking about the purported free-lance GRU [Russian military intelligence] operation in Baghdad three years ago now. "Independent" reporting on the war.

And today, what is in the headlines?

"Report: Russia gave Iraq info on U.S. war plan
Russians got intelligence from U.S. military command"

This is from MSNBC. See the web page that has the full information.

It does seem that a GRU unit was active in Baghdad before and during the war.

"WASHINGTON - At the onset of the war in Iraq, Russian intelligence intercepted top-secret U.S. military communications detailing plans to attack Baghdad, U.S. military officials told NBC News on Friday.

It is believed the Russians received their information via electronic eavesdropping"

Electronic eavesdropping. Sounds familiar, does it not??

"Pavel Felgenhauer, a respected independent Moscow-based military analyst, said Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit, known by its abbreviation GRU, was actively working in Iraq at the time of the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

I will have to look up this Pavel and see what is what about him.

Anyhow, what particular information was supposedly passed from the Russians to the Iraqi beast??

These particular pieces of intelligence:

* "That the movement of U.S. troops into southern Iraq from Kuwait was a diversion. (In fact, it was the main avenue of attack, supported by special forces entering from Jordan and paratroopers flying into northern Iraq.)"

* "That the ground assault on Baghdad would not begin until the Army'’s 4th Infantry Division was in place, around April 15. (In fact, the 4th Infantry, whose originally planned invasion route from Turkey was blocked by the Turkish government, was not yet on Iraqi territory when the Baghdad ground assault began April 7. Thus, by design or chance, the information from the Russians actually reinforced a U.S. military deception effort.)"

* "That the main focus of U.S. ground forces moving toward Baghdad from the southwest was the area around the city of Karbala. (This was true. After crossing a bridge over the Euphrates River outside of Karbala, the 3rd Infantry Division had a clear path to the Iraqi capital and Saddam’s chances of stopping the assault had ended.)"

* "That U.S. troops moving through southern Iraq would not attempt to occupy cities but instead bypass them. (This was true and was a central feature of an invasion plan that stressed speed and tactical surprise.)"

Does this not look familiar? Where has this been seen before?

Contrast this particular piece of intelligence with the GRU dope sheet [iraqwar_ru_reports] items.

"That the movement of U.S. troops into southern Iraq from Kuwait was a diversion." - - MSNBC report.

"Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) believes that all the talk about the attack on Basra is nothing more than disinformation designed compliment a diversionary strike to pin down large Iraqi forces around this city." - - iraqwar_ru_reports.

"Based on the intercepted US military communications the Russian military intelligence believes that the US command is attempting to create a false impression of a pending massive ground attack on Basra." - - iraqwar_ru_reports.

It would seem that the free-lancers in Baghdad DID have available to them some pretty good intelligence. Why this was if they were ex-governmental employees is just not clear. And why put this sort of stuff on the web for all to see??!!

More intrigue.



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