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Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is coolbert:

This is a very serendipitous discovery of mine. Found this on the web site just now.

Allows one to understand, in a small way, the fevered mind of the jihadi.

From the dhimmi site: [dhimmis are of course non-Muslims that behave in an obsequious manner so as not to OFFEND Muslim sensibilities!!]

"Muslims, just like Japanese businessmen, or faddists at American business schools, look to Best Practices. And what are Best Practices in Islam? They are the practices, the acts, the words, the silences, of Muhammad himself, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil. If he did it, if he said it, if he permitted others to do or say it by remaining silent and not condemning or contradicting, why then it was right for All Time, for All Mankind. That is what Believers in Islam mean when they talk about Best Practices. They abhor the new -- bida, or innovation -- but not in the trivial sense of new gewgaws, the products of others, which of course may and should be exploited for the well being of Islam, the furtherance of Islam."

[an atomic bomb to set off in NYC of course would NOT be forbidden, I would assume!!]

What is one of the Best Practices that the fever minded ones believe should be followed? Eating with the fingers from the communal food bowl of the umma [Islamic nation]. According to Saadi Yusef, who I have blogged on before:

"Now, for the Arab population, there's really no reason for them to use terrorism. The real terrorism would be to go into the schools and begin to educate people and begin to bring them to a level of more scientific knowledge. You fight for something like this. They want to really apply a religion that's different from the religion of Muhammad. For example, in Algeria in certain places, if you're sitting in a chair and you're eating with a fork, what you're doing is considered to be against Islam. You're the enemy of Islam. Because the Prophet Muhammad didn't eat with a fork -- you have to eat with your fingers!"

Eat with your FINGERS. And DO SO because Muhammad did not eat with a fork. And ONLY eat with your fingers.

Whoa boy!

Well, taken in the context of the cartoons, this is just one more example of how the jihadi thinks.

[Saadi needs no introduction. He was a revolutionary who fought what he believed to be his Islamic nation. He cannot be called a stooge of the west or anything like that!!]

Need I say more?

This of course would be categorized in the "know your enemy" category.




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