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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ann Curry.

This is coolbert:

I see that the distinguished TV journalist [hostess?] Ann Curry has made a trip to Darfur. In the Sudan. The scene of genocidal carnage for several years now.

Arab marauding militias called the janjaweed have conducted a Sudanese government sponsored campaign of "cleansing" against black tribesmen [tribesmen who are also Muslim] of Darfur.

This "cleansing" has been the subject of several blog entries by myself.

Hard to have anything but sympathy for the victims of the genocide. And that is what it is, genocide.

[the destruction of a people, in PART or in WHOLE is how genocide is defined].

My original blog entry on Darfur was almost two years ago now. So it would seem that Ann Curry and her crew were a little bit behind on the learning curve. But better than not at all.

My previous blog entries on the situation in Darfur revolved around three topics. All germane to the atrocity currently being pepetrated even now, as we speak.

These topics were:

* Rape as a weapon of war.

* The difficulty if not impossibility in getting help to the victims.

* And the use of CRIMINALS by the Sudanese government in perpetrating the genocidal campaign.

Since my original blog entries, and the arousal, to some degree, of the international community, it seems little HAS BEEN DONE for the tribesmen of Darfur.

I use the word tribesmen figuratively here.

From what I see in the Ann Curry piece, the men are all dead. The refugees are almost without exception women and a whole bunch of small children. The men are either dead or unaccounted for [dead??].

I also observe a scorched earth policy being used by the Sudanese bad guys.

Here I use the word "scorch" literally and not figuratively.

The very ground is burned black from the arson of the janjaweed. NOTHING but bare blackened earth is left. Pathetic to see.

And roads are more or less impassable. Aid, if on the way, WILL have a hard time getting to the victims. NOT to mention military help. This situation is both impossible and pitiful at the same time.



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