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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is coolbert:

The current Stryker light armored vehicles [LAV] as being used in Iraq employ a remote control weapons system [RCWS].

These RCWS seem to be all the rage!!

A gunner from within the vehicle, under cover, can control, aim, and fire either a fifty caliber machine gun or the forty millimeter [mm] cannon integral to the LAV.

These RCWS have great merit. Allow the gunner to fire on the enemy without being subjected to counter-fire. Fire applied by the gunner on the target is more accurate and has greater effect.

Apparently such systems have been conceived as early as World War Two [WW2]. Electronics until recently was just too finicky to allow for effective and useful systems to be deployed.

CLAWS is one such system. Consists of the weapon, the control, the electronic brain, and the monitor and joystick as used by the gunner.

The CLAWS website states that this RCWS can be fitted onto a M113. Fancy that!!??

Such a system currently is used only for the fifty caliber machine gun and the forty mm cannon. Undoubtedly, again, with a little ingenuity, a RCWS can be also developed for the 106 mm recoilless rifle as well.



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