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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is coolbert:

  GRU Dope Sheet - - Iraq War - - Reprise.

Again, go here to see a web site that has a series of reports on the Iraq War II, as seen through the eyes of the GRU.

War in Iraq - GRU's take on things

"March 23, 2003

The IRAQWAR.RU analytical center was created recently by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the war against Iraq. The following is the English translation of the IRAQWAR.RU report based on the Russian Army Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) information."

"journalists and military experts from Russia".

Journalists?? Well, the function of a journalist is not unlike that of an intelligence case officer. Find sources and cultivate and mine the source for info.

Military experts? Ex-GRU personnel? Staff officers? Hard to say exactly who these folks are without further data.

These folks seem to be knowledgeable and write very well. Type of reports the higher echelons of military and governmental command would see. Well done.

This is good stuff!!



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