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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Naval Base.

This is coolbert:

Please check out the latest TOP SECRET intelligence [not really] of a nature that not so long ago was once available ONLY to the highest governmental echelons of the United States and the Soviet Union.

Here courtesy of KTB Sharkhunters. [thanks as always to Harry!]

Satellite photos of Chinese naval base [Hainan], seem to indicate an ability on the part of the Chinese to hide nuclear submarines inside a mountain. Nuclear "boomers" that will be all but impervious to anything other than a direct hit from an atomic bomb?

Click on picture to see a larger photo.

The comments of the editor KTB are very prescient?

"Hiding submarine bases inside mountains is not a new idea, but with the massive influx of money to China from their trade goods sold in just about every major nation in the world, the Chinese military is moving forward at great speed to build a huge military force and is rapidly becoming a full-fledged blue water navy. It would be foolish to take them lightly."

"While it once was a good idea to hide submarine bases inside mountains - with the advent of the always present 'eye in the sky' of the satellites, is it really a good idea still? Once inside, the submarines are invisible to the satellites - but they have to surface to come into the mountain bases and at that time, they are visible to the satellites."

"but they have to surface to come into the mountain bases" - - Harry.

Is this so? Exit and entry can only be done by surfacing? Perhaps NOT? An area could be dredged from the cave entrance outward for a certain distance that would be deep enough to allow the sub to enter or exit without breaking the surface? Captain Nemo and Nautilus like!




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