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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Return of the Daleks!

This is coolbert:

“The purpose of terror is to terrorize!!” - - V.I. Lenin.

Here is a weapons system I had not heard of. Already deployed and doing good work in Iraq - - and for some time now? C-RAM!

The naval Phalanx [“Goalkeeper”] system placed on a flatbed truck, with all the necessary impedimenta.

Currently being used to shoot down mortar and rocket artillery rounds lobbed at U.S. military Forward Operating Bases [FOB’s] and the “Green Zone” in Iraq. Has had very good success [85 %]. Incoming mortar and rocket artillery rounds fired by the jihadi villain are intercepted in mid-course, either destroyed or deflected by the spew of 20 mm cannon fire from the C-RAM.

[also referred to as the Land-based Phalanx Weapon System (LPWS)]

Israel is contemplating the purchase and use of the C-RAM, OR IS IN THE PROCESS OF ACTUALLY DEPLOYING - - RIGHT NOW - - THE C-RAM SYSTEM!

Will be used to counter the continuous barrage of Qassam rocket artillery fired at Israeli towns such as Sderot!? Debatable if C-RAM can protect an entire town?

Hamas has shown an amazing ability to develop and field in numbers Qassam rocket artillery rounds of only increasing capability. Greater size, longer range, more destructiveness. What was ONCE a minor nuisance now must be considered by the Israeli to be a very serious threat!

The C-RAM system is ONLY a partial solution to the Qassam problem? Residents of Sderot [and now even other Israeli towns!] still will live under the threat of being targeted on a constant basis by someone who wants to kill you and is attempting to do so! EVEN IF NOT EFFECTIVE IN A MILITARY SENSE, THE QASSAM ROCKETS HAVE THE DESIRED EFFECT! Create a state of apprehension, anxiety, and hypertension amongst the Israeli that makes for living a normal, peaceful life impossible!

There is something else here that must be considered regarding the deployment of the C-RAM, if and when it is fielded by the Israeli. EVEN IF NOT TOTALLY 100 % EFFECTIVE [AND YOU MUST ASSUME THAT NO SYSTEM WILL EVER BE 100 % EFFECTIVE], THE USE OF THE C-RAM WILL CONSTITUTE A MORALE BOOSTER!! We are not just taking it, we ARE FIGHTING BACK!!




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