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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This is coolbert:

The capital city of Burma has been moved [began in 2005?], unexpectedly and without rationale, two hundred miles [320 kilometers] upriver from Rangoon [Yangon]! The ruling junta has done so, with the advice of astrologers, fearing an attack by the U.S. Marines?

"Mysterious motivations"

"While commentators have offered a host of reasons for the junta's sudden move north, ranging from astrology to military strategy to fears of a possible US-led invasion"

"Whether or not the move to Naypyidaw offers strategic military advantages is debatable, according to Andrew Selth, an expert on Myanmar's armed forces . . . 'In purely strategic terms, it would have been more sensible to diversify these critical north-south links and build more routes on the western side of the Irrawaddy [River], or in the east of the country.'"

[sensible from the standpoint of a rational thinking western military expert. The ruling junta in Burma has their OWN motivation for everything they do. And their rationality is NOT OUR rationality.]

"Selth said the increasing separation of Myanmar's ruling military generals from the civilian population would make it far easier for a potential foreign invader to target the junta through air strikes. Nevertheless, the argument previously put forward that the switch inland from the old coastal capital Yangon reduces the risk to the junta of a land invasion was probably taken into account by the military."

That the Burmese military ruling elite fears at attack by foreign powers is not without foundation?

* "In 1988, the US moved navy vessels into the area, apparently in the event of the state collapsing during the democratic uprisings."

* "In 1992, junta abuses against Muslims in Arakan state prompted the wrath of Saudi Arabia"

So, there is a minority of Muslims in Burma! Live in the Arakan region!

Burma - - here we come!!




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