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Friday, May 02, 2008

Degrelle I.

This is coolbert:

Here is again the phenomenon of the intellectual as SS Mann AND soldier.

In the person of Leon Degrelle.

Belgian citizen, leader of the collaborationist SS Belgian Wallonien Brigade. Survived the Second World War [WW2], prospering in Spain under the protection of Franco. ONLY passing away quite recently.

Leon Degrelle can best be characterized as a person of protean intellect, active in the extreme, with a variety of interests?

"pro·te·an - - adj. - - Readily taking on varied shapes, forms, or meanings. Exhibiting considerable variety or diversity"

Like so many young persons in the aftermath of the First World War [WW1], did not necessarily see the western, Christian, democratic, capitalist way of life as holding answers to problems as faced by the modern man.

A devout Catholic, from the French speaking part of Belgium, SAW the forces of Red Bolshevism in particular as menacing the historical European tradition.

[was a devout Catholic, but was excommunicated for beating a priest! Excommunication was lifted upon confession during a crucial part of the Russian campaign.]

SAW fascism as a bulwark against Red Bolshevism in a manner that the democratic governments of the western world did NOT!

Pre-war, was on a conversational basis with all the fascist leaders of Europe AND many other significant leaders of the various European powers, to include Churchill!

Volunteered to serve in the Belgian SS Wallonien [Walloons] Brigade. Saw extensive combat action on the Eastern Front [against the forces of Red Bolshevism]. Rose from the rank of private to general officer. A natural leader and military man [?], courageous, wounded a number of times. THIS WAS A GUY WILLING TO PUT HIS BODY WHERE HIS MOUTH WAS, IN A MANNER THAT FEW DO!!

Fled to Spain in the aftermath of the war, given sanctuary, under a sentence of death in abstentia, continuing for the remainder of his life to espouse the values of fascism and giving apology to the Nazi regime.

What is one to make of Leon Degrelle?




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