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Thursday, May 01, 2008


This is coolbert: "He built the autobahn!"

Please read this excellent five part article by the British professor and historian, Ian Kershaw.

How Hitler Won Over the German People

"By Ian Kershaw"

Normally, this is not the sort of material worthy for consideration of entry into my blog. But since the person and personality of A. Hitler is so inextricably linked to World War Two [WW2], here it is.

Kershaw identifies three factors that contributed to the "success" of Hitler and the Nazi regime as a political entity. This in the years PRIOR to the outbreak of war [WW2]. Factors to include:

* Full employment and a robust economy.

* Law and order in the streets.

* The re-emergence of Germany as a world power meriting respect.

With regard to these factors, one can always argue that:

* Any time you tool up for war and increase the size of your military MARKEDLY within a six year period, of course you will have full employment.

* Any time you place in concentration camps ANYONE that disagrees with you, of course you will have law and order on the streets.

* It was more fear than respect that a re-armed and openly aggressive Germany engendered from among the various nations of the world.

Kershaw seems to be a Rankeian type of historian? Relies to a large extent upon original source documents? Of special interest are appraisals made by the German Social Democratic party. In opposition to Hitler, members of the party either in hiding or exile. Grudging admiration and acknowledgement of what Hitler and his Nazi cohorts had been able to accomplish is often cited. Accomplishments, of course, with a heavy price.

The German people, during the six years of WW2, seemingly without almost a peep or any form of protest, did follow Hitler to the ultimate bitter end. You sow what you reap! From what was initially sown and thought be good turned out to be a bad crop. Disastrous for all!




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