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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Standards/Banners/Flags VIII.

This is coolbert:
The ancient ways die hard. [especially in the military]

See here at this web site a description of a ceremony where colors are consecrated.

Blessed by a whole host of religious authorities. An ecumenical/inter-faith service that cannot fail to impress. NOT a ritual from the is that is passe'. Held in 2001.

Colors being consecrated are those of the Royal Military College. Canadian military school of higher learning.

"The original regulation in the Canadian Forces stated that the consecration of colours had to be carried out by a revered religious figure . . . our consecration ceremony included the main religions represented at the College. Namely First Nations of Canada; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; Zorastrian."

"The year 2001 marks the 125th anniversary of the Royal Military College of Canada . . . This important milestone has been celebrated through number of significant events . . . One such event was the consecration of new colours (flags) for the College, on Saturday 29th September 2001."

Go here and view the index from which all the prayers offered can be seen. Truly an ecumenical gathering.

Act of Consecration.

Chaplain General:

"In the name of all that is sacred to us, we do consecrate and set apart these Colours that they may be a sign of our duty toward our Queen and Country. "


"So Be It!"

Chaplain General:

"We pray that the prayers which we offered this day be accepted.
To those whose Colours have been consecrated we now return them as a sacred trust."

"May the members of the Royal Military College of Canada serve their country with Truth, Duty, Valour."

This stuff [consecration of the colors] IS TAKEN WITH THE UTMOST SERIOUSNESS. As well it should be!!

"So Be It!"




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