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Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:

"Across the Nation"


“CYANIDE ARREST: A Texas man claimed he had a 25-gallon drum of cyanide and tried to sell it to a FBI informant, touting the poison’s usefulness in mass killings, a court affidavit said. Jeffrey Detrixhe, 38, of Higgins, Texas, was arrested Monday in Oklahoma.”

USEFULNESS AS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION? Create hydrogen cyanide [HCN] gas resembling the Zyklon B as used in Auschwitz? A blood agent poison gas that attack the blood vessels of the body. Constricts them! You die as if you have had a heart attack.

It is known that Al Qaeda is interested in poisons and did experiment with HCN gas? A video is on the Internet purportedly showing a dog being gassed as part of jihadi “research” into poison gases?

I would imagine that if the jihadi WAS ABLE to construct an effective means of delivering poison gas, doing so in the confined environment of a subway or high-rise building would work! The CIA - - again - - purportedly - - found plans for such a gas delivery weapon, constructed it, and found it would work!

At any rate, this Jeffrey is not too bright. As with Derrick Shareef, the Rockford, IL. jihadi wannabee, has made “approaches” to a FBI informant for which he will rue the day!

And deservedly so too!




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