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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is coolbert:

Here is the FINAL [??] world on Nada Prouty. The illegal alien who served the FBI and CIA as case officer and worked against Islamic terrorists!

Thanks here to and Robert Spencer.

"Illegal alien FBI agent who illegally accessed files on Hizballah investigations gets no jail time, $750 fine"

"A former Detroit-area woman who engaged in a sham marriage to obtain U.S. citizenship and obtained key jobs in the CIA and FBI was fined $750 but given no jail time today by a federal judge."

"Cohn said Prouty, who lives in suburban Washington, served the United States with distinction in Iraq and elsewhere, at times placing herself in peril on behalf of her adopted country."

This judge Cohn seems to feel that Nada WAS THE PERSON WRONGED IN THIS CASE??!!

Let me reiterate so that even the most casual of observers can understand this particular "incident" with absolute meta-physical certitude. NADA IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN IN THE U.S. WHO CONTRACTED A SHAM MARRIAGE TO OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP AND THEN VOLUNTEERED HER ESTEEMED SERVICES TO THE MOST CRITICAL SECURITY AGENCIES OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT!!

She cannot have served her "adopted country" - - SHE IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN WHO SHOULD HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

Judge Cohn needs to be investigated for mental deficiency!!

You wait and see too. Nada will apply for and be granted asylum as a persecuted person! She will say she CANNOT return to the land of her birth [Lebanon]! Too dangerous for her.

I must be getting old!




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