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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Victoria Cross.

This is coolbert:

"... most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy."

"I have a reactionary army, a National Socialist air force, and a CHRISTIAN navy!!" - - A. Hitler.

The Victoria Cross [VC] is of course the highest British military decoration that can be awarded. Analogous to the American Medal of Honor [MoH].

On two occasions, both during World War Two [WW2], the VC was awarded upon the recommendation of the enemy.

[thanks here to the wiki entry on the VC!]

1. New Zealand Flying Officer Lloyd Trigg, has the distinction of being the only serviceman ever awarded a VC on evidence solely provided by the enemy, for an action in which there were no surviving Allied witnesses. The recommendation was made by the captain of the German U-boat U-468 sunk by Trigg's aircraft.

[in the case of Trigg, the plane he was flying was shot down, there being no survivors, the U-boat as well was sunk, crew members of the U-boat being rescued!]

2. Lieutenant-Commander Gerard Roope was also awarded a VC on recommendation of the enemy, the captain of the Admiral Hipper, but there were also numerous surviving Allied witnesses to corroborate his actions.

Here, however, is a third instance of a man being awarded the VC upon the recommendation of the enemy?

3. [??] Sergeant T. F. Durrant who had manned a Lewis gun during the clash kept firing despite being severely wounded having been shot over 16 times, eventually he passed out from loss of blood and died. He was later posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross upon the personal recommendation of Kapitänleutnant F. K. Paul - the German officer in command of the Jaguar.

[this "clash" was an at-sea battle in the aftermath of the St. Nazaire raid. It should be noted that on all three occasions, the VC was awarded during combat actions with German naval vessels! A CHRISTIAN navy not above praising and admiring the courage of the enemy!?]

The wiki is incorrect here? I am seeking clarification!

Has there ever been an instance of the American MoH being awarded upon recommendation of the enemy??!! Seeking clarification on this too!




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