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Friday, May 16, 2008


This is coolbert:

Hamas now has a capability, [and has had for some time?], to manufacture and field their OWN mortars?

This is addition to the Qassam rocket artillery of which Hamas has become famous for?

I would imagine that these are smooth bore, cast-iron mortars firing a cast-iron mortar round [mortar rounds are called the world-over, except for in the U.S., a “bomb”!]!

Mortars [and “bombs”] of this most simple and elementary variety can be easily built and in profusion? All you need is a basic foundry and machine shop and you are ready to go?

"Various Palestinian terror groups manufacture mortars in workshops and factories throughout the Gaza Strip . . . the Palestinian Sariya-1 is a 240 mm mortar with a 15 kilometer range."

Hamas also appreciates that “size does matter”? Mortars of 240 mm are being built and are going to be [are already?] deployed! Again, as with the Qassam rockets, effectiveness from the military standpoint is not a consideration. The accuracy of these homemade mortars will be poor? But this - - AGAIN - - is not of importance to Hamas? Rather, a mortar round of prodigious size, creating a lot of dust and noise AND APPREHENSIVENESS IN THE MINDS OF TARGETED ISRAELI CIVILIANS is of paramount concern in this instance!

"'This is not an exceptionally accurate weapon, but that is not important to us. Even if the mortar does not hit the target, we want to cause confusion and panic.'" - - Abu Jemal - - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

Is Hamas fielding a spigot type mortar? Big-bore mortar of unusual variety as used by the Japanese at Iwo Jima! How could anyone ever imagine the resurrection and use of such a weapon?

During their War of Independence [1948], the Israeli military employed with effectiveness the “Davidka” spigot type mortar! Mentioned with a degree of glee [?] by Leon Uris in his book, “Exodus”!!

Now - - the Israeli - - finds themselves - - on the receiving end??!!


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