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Monday, May 19, 2008


This is coolbert:

“in most locales, it is against the law to wear a mask in public - - unless part of a gala event!!” - - Bert.

“Unless part of a gala event!!” = Halloween, etc.

Three bad ass thugs recently robbing a bank in Philadelphia, DRESSED IN FULL ISLAMIC FEMALE REGALIA!! The robe, the headdress, the face mask with eye slit. Maybe even gloves? [wearing women’s shoes??]

During their escape, one of the miscreants was killed in a shoot-out with cops, but not before killing one police officer. The second and third robber have been caught and are now behind bars!

"The dead officer, Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, a 12-year veteran who would have turned 40 on Tuesday, was responding to a report of a robbery of a bank inside a grocery store around 11:30 a.m. Saturday." [we mourn the loss of this valiant officer!!]

[the police officer was killed by a SKS carbine. Carried under the robe by one of the reprobates during actual commission of the bank robbery? I would be curious to know if that was so!]

Make no mistake about it! These three are really bad eggs if there ever were any! Hard core totally rotten-apple criminals not hesitant to take a life or two or even beyond that if necessary [or even for the fun of it]!


All three have beards [see the picture with two of the villains shown], two growing them in the Islamic style, one villain even having the habiba [“the raisin”] on his forehead. A calloused “scab” gotten from prostrating oneself five times a day and praying toward Mecca.

Islamic female dress can be and is a weapon of war? See my previous blog entry on the subject. This is intuitive? That person approaching you, dressed in full robes, headdress, face mask, gloves, slippers - - is it a woman or a man - - and what is under that robe? Was this bank robbery done with the intention of financing jihad? NOTHING seems to suggest that is the case?




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