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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is coolbert:

There are whole bunch of M113 APC variations already developed that could be used to "round-out" the vehicle mix for my Ghurkha IBCT.

The entire concept of having an "all-tracked" unit has supposedly been contemplated and attempted, without success. Perhaps just NOT enough thought was given to the subject. Expedient means were more easily and cheaply implemented. With what degree of effectiveness I just cannot say?

Among those vehicles are:

* M58 Wolf Smoke Generator Carrier

* M113 Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle AMEV

* M548 Cargo Carrier

* M577 Command Post Carrier

* M981 Fire Support Team Vehicle (FISTV)

* M1059 Lynx Smoke Generator Carrier

* M1068 Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS) Carrier

* M1108 Universal Carrier

Plus this "future concept" useful for engineers:

* M113A3+ Engineering Squad Vehicle (ESV)

"The M113A3+ ESV is the only affordable solution that meets the Combat Engineer Squad requirements to transport an eight man engineer squad and all of their equipment while providing mobility and survivability equal to the maneuver force."

How this mix of M113 APC variations can be organized into the TO&E of combat support and combat service support for the Ghurkha IBCT is not clear at this time. Some thought will have to be given to the matter.



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