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Thursday, February 12, 2004


This is coolbert:

One thing about an invasion of Japan and the dropping of the a-bomb that is only appreciated in a minor way.

Japan was trying to surrender.

But under their terms.

* NO occupation.
* NO disarming of the military.
* NO concessions about overseas territories [Formosa, Korea, etc.].

The Japanese wanted a negotiated settlement that would not be too unfavorable to them.

This was totally against what the Allies and the Soviets had fought for during the war.

It was decided early that because of the nature of the enemy being fought in WW2, unconditional surrender was the only course to be taken by the allies.

And this was the course taken with regard to Italy and Germany.

Why would Japan have been such an exception?

It would not have been!

Without an cessation of hostilities the war would have continued in the manner that it was already taking until Japan surrendered unconditionally or the place was more or less obliterated.

The Soviets had already entered the war and annihilated the Kwangtung Army of Manchuria.

Further warfare would have probably seen the Soviets invade Hokkaido and probably further south too. I am not sure the Soviet capability in this area, but it may have been more than would have been anticipated.


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