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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This is coolbert: My own perception is also that the reservists and guardsmen deploying to Iraq [or anywhere else for that matter] also do not get respect from the business community or the rest of the society for that matter. Are looked upon as suckers that have made a hard bed for themselves. "Now let them sleep on it", is the attitude. These civilian soldiers find it hard for their families to make a proper life upon deployment. And, in addition, reservists/guardsmen are not respected by the active duty component. Most active duty soldiers do not appreciate the sacrifice the civilian soldiers make. And in some manner, quite often the civilian soldiers do not help themselves out either. Don't have the right attitude that gains respects from the active duty peers. Our military cannot fight without reservists/guardsmen being activated. After the cessation of the draft, our military was structured that way. People do not realize this. People still look upon reservists/guardsmen as they did during the Vietnam War era. Unfortunate, but true.



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