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Monday, February 09, 2004

This is coolbert: Please take this post with great seriousness. It shows how a culture clash can cause military problems in a host country that U.S. forces are in. Something to keep in mind with regard to both Iraq and Afghan. Why did the U.S. lose the Vietnam War? This was a question posed to about two hundred Vietnamese refugees in the U.S. after the war. U.S. military asked these two hundred Vietnamese from the losing side what they thought were the reasons why the war was a lost cause. And these were mostly Vietnamese that had held high position of some capacity. Well, one thing the two hundred hit upon [among many other things of course] was that Americans often acted silly, childish, and naive. In their country, such persons are not to be listened to or respected. And what was this behavior that seemed to be silly, childish and naive to the Vietnamese? Well, to the Vietnamese, American men have an unnatural obsession with the size of their reproductive organ. To the Vietnamese, this is very goofy and such a person acting in such a manner is not to be taken seriously. Well, is there something to consensus opinion that validates this observation? I leave that to the reader to decide!



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