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Friday, February 06, 2004


This is coolbert:

In the years prior to the outbreak of WW2, it seems all the armies of the world were doing R & D with all sorts of versions of tanks.

Light tanks, medium and heavy tanks, all were under development and some under production.

During this period, all sorts of advancements were made that allowed for the design of tanks to proceed at probably an exponential rate.

The Soviets were exceptional at tank development and produced all sorts of designs with the most advanced features. Suvorov states that the GRU, military intelligence, was keen in obtaining through both fair and foul methods copies or plans of all weaponry from armies of all the world's powers. Study these copies and plans and take the best from each to improve their own designs and develop new improved products.

Just think of the tank types mentioned in the posts about "Icebreaker". BT, KT, T-34, KV, and JS type tanks. These all existed before and during WW2.

The T-34 in particular was probably the best all-around tank of WW2. And for some time thereafter as well. U.S. forces of Task Force Smith in Korea found that bazooka rounds just bounced off the T-34, being used by North Koreans at the onset of the Korean War. As late as the mid-seventies, Cuban forces in Angola were employing the T-34!!

Not mentioned by Suvorov was the use by the Soviets in WW2 of assault guns. Artillery pieces mounted on tank chassis and given armor cover for the crew. No rotating turret. These weapons were used to accompany the infantry and provide direct fire support and anti-armor protection. These weapons were built in prodigious numbers and had some awesome calibers, up to 152 mm!! Also called a tank destroyer. Were also used significantly by the German Army as well, and to a limited degree by the other combatants in the war. A now outmoded concept.



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