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Thursday, February 05, 2004

This is coolbert: More comments on "Icebreaker" and the views and reviews of Suvorov's book [again, my comments in bold]:

Even before the appearance of this book, he had already established a solid reputation with the publication of five books, written under the pen name of Viktor Suvorov, on the inner workings of the Soviet military, and particularly its intelligence operations.

These were: "Inside the Red Army", "The Liberators", "Inside Soviet Military Intelligence", "The Aquarium", and "Spetsnaz".

The few reviews that have appeared here have been almost entirely brief and dismissive -- a shameful treatment that reflects the cowardice and intellectual irresponsibility of a "politically correct" scholarly establishment.

Well, the consequences of accepting the work of Suvorov is just so startling. It changes the whole perception of history, does it not??

Carefully examining the equipping, training and deployment of Soviet forces, as well as the numbers and strengths of Soviet weaponry, vehicles, supplies and aircraft, Suvorov establishes in great detail that the Red Army was organized and deployed in the summer of 1941 for attack, not defense.

It is true that the Soviet Army being deployed so far forward led to massive Soviet defeats. The Germans moved for double envelopments and trapped just enormous numbers of Red Army troops and their impedimenta because of this.

"BT" were the initials for the Russian words "high speed tank."

I believe "B" here stands for "bistro", meaning fast in Russian.

Having said so many positive things about the numbers and quality of Soviet tanks, one must note one minor drawback. It was impossible to use these tanks on Soviet territory

I don't know if Suvorov is speaking sarcastically here or not?? This is a major drawback. The Soviet Union possessed poor roads, and very harsh terrain anywhere else for a vehicle to operate in. This tank would be inadequate for defense.

German ability at fighting a tank battle and their experience seems to have more than made up for any deficiencies in German tanks vis-a-vis Soviet tanks.

The Soviets also designed and built the remarkable KT "winged tank." After landing, its wings and tailpiece were discarded, making the KT instantly ready for combat.

Until reading this, had never heard of such a thing before. Makes sense. Airborne forces have always had the disadvantage of being lightly armed. Do not have the ability to fight mechanized or armored forces unless relieved or reinforced. This would give the parachutists an organic ability.

Hitler decided that it was not worth his while waiting any longer. He was the first to go, without waiting for the blow of the "liberating" dagger to stab him in the back. He had begun the war in the most favorable conditions which could possibly have existed for an aggressor;

This whole concept that Hitler attacked as a preventative measure only makes sense if you accept that Hitler did know of the Soviet preparations and knew that the Soviet was going to attack if Hitler did nothing.



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