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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


This is coolbert:

Now, why do all these intelligence failures occur?

Well, in his book "Intelligence and Guerilla Warfare", the Soviet General Orlov remarks about the testimony of U.S. General Mac Arthur at the hearings held by Congress in 1945 to investigate the Pearl Harbor disaster.

The specific question was asked of Mac Arthur as to why we [the U.S.], was not alert and were not warned about Pearl Harbor.

The General testified that, "why, information as to the place and time of such an attack would be a very closely guarded secret. Only a few people at the top would know the exact information. You would have to have someone on the inside providing you with all the details to know something like that [attack on Pearl]".


Orlov states that even the great Mac Arthur understands this simple fact. Have an insider who is working for you provide you with the information. This is the only way to know the exact details of what the enemy is planning for where and when. In intelligence circles this is called Humint [human intelligence]. Are informers and agents at the highest level easy to come by? NO! But can it be done? Yes!




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