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Saturday, January 31, 2004

This is coolbert: Horses and swords also had a mystical equation to them. Swords in particular have an universal equation that is found throughout the world. Persons having the ability to draw metal (sword) out of earth (iron) were said to have mystical powers. This is seen in the legend of Weyland the Smith from the Germanic mythology [Weyland, like Vulcan, was lame]. "Weyland — a god of smiths, said to have made Excalibur".
And when Shaka, King of the Zulus, wanted to forge his stabbing spears, the assegai, he went to the wizards, those persons that had the secret mystical knowledge to forge the winning weapon. "But the Zulu word inyanga, like our 'doctor,' covers a variety of meanings; properly it denotes a person skilled in any art or knowledge: a blacksmith, for instance, is inyanga yensimbi, "a doctor of iron." So the inyanga may be either a diviner or a herbalist, or both at the same time; possibly, also, a seer or prophet." Excalibur is of course the sword that was drawn from the rock by Arthur [dux bellorum of the Britons], a sword that gave him great powers.



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