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Friday, January 30, 2004

This is coolbert: Don Wade and Roma on the radio talk show this morning.

Talking about their son, Hunter. Used to be a member of the Blue Angels, the Navy aerobatic team.

Don Wade mentions that while a member of the Blue Angels, Hunter was prohibited from engaging in certain activities. Activities that were felt to be too dangerous. What are these activities? Sport parachuting and bungee jumping were two of the activities mentioned.

You can get hurt doing these dangerous things.

Like flying in the Blue Angels is not dangerous of itself?

The military is looking at the investment they have in Hunter and do not want to lose their investment in training him as a combat pilot by some silly stupid accident. The military does seem to have an inclination to preclude soldiers from engaging in the type of activities that would expose them to danger and simulate to a degree, the fear factor present in combat.