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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


This is coolbert:

Suvorov makes use of many analogies in his works. To explain concepts both to the layman and the "specialist". Here is a collection from various works of the analogies that he uses:

"The allied tanks were scattered, like widely-spread fingers, which could not be clinched to make a fist. The German tanks struck, as a fist, unexpectedly and at the weakest point."

"Every Soviet operation, from Stalingrad onwards, developed in the way water breaks through a concrete dam: A single drop seeps through a microscopic crack, and is followed immediately by a dozen more drops, after which first hundreds and then thousands of liters pour through at ever increasing speed, becoming a cataract of hundreds of thousands of tons of raging water."

"A tank army is like a rushing flood, tearing its way through a gap in a dyke, smashing and destroying everything in its patch. By contrast and all-arms army is a quiet stagnant sheet of water flooding a whole area, drowning enemy islands and slowly undermining buildings and other structures until they collapse."

[A tank army would consist of three tank divisions and one motorized rifle division [mechanized infantry]].

[An all-arms army is a combined arms army, consisting of three motorized rifle divisions and one tank division].

"it is easy to tear up a pack of cards if you take them one by one. If you put a dozen cards together it is very difficult to tear them up. If you try to tear up the whole pack at once you will be unsuccessful . . . . Soviet generals attack . . . using their cards only as a whole pack. In this way, the pack protects the cards which make it up."

"The General Staff of the Soviet Army is the brain of the crocodile, and military intelligence is it's eyes and ears."

[Soviet military intelligence is the GRU].

"If the Army Intelligence service is separated from the army staff, then the brain becomes nothing more than the brain of a blind and deaf man. Even if the blind man receives essential information from one source or another, this reaction will still be slow and his movements imprecise."

"If the GRU and Spetsnaz were to be removed from the Soviet Army and handed over to the KGB, it would be equivalent to blindfolding a strong man, while plugging his ears and depriving him of some other important organs, and making him fight with the information he needs for fighting provided by another person standing beside him and telling him the moves."

[Spetsnaz is ranger/commando type units].

"Nuclear strength represents the teeth of the state. When we speak of the 'brain' we mean the country's most important statesmen and politicians."

"By the 'nervous system' of the state we mean the principal centers and lines of government and military communications and the commercial communications companies, including the main radio stations and television studios."

"Spetsnaz could be used to attack, . . . against the heart and blood supply . . . power stations, transformer stations and power lines, . . . oil and gas pipelines and storage points, pumping stations and oil refineries."



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