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Saturday, January 24, 2004

This is coolbert: North Korea. Over the years, you hear a lot about the military capability, supposedly existing, of the Hermit Kingdom to the north. First run by the dictators Kim Il Sung and then his goofy son Kim Il Jong. And how the north has all this artillery, aircraft, submarines, armor forces, ranger/commando type units. Tunneling under the DMZ in many places. Some never even found. How North Korea possesses such a military potential, even nuclear now, that there is a real threat of the North launching a blitzkrieg attack on South Korean and American forces and overrunning the whole of the south and placing it under communist control. And this threat has supposedly existed for decades now. Well, the question might be for future historians, why did such an attack just not take place?? Well, let me propose an answer. The North Koreans are just not physically capable of launching and sustaining such an attack. Their population for the last two decades has been malnourished. The soldiery is just stunted and physically not capable of performing military duties in a proper manner. A recent report said that the North was no longer able to fit their soldiery in proper fitting uniforms, the standard curve recruit size has been thrown off so markedly. The average recruit is now around five feet tall, this being the result of malnutrition that has existed for decades. Like Eisenhower appreciated, military strength is an aggregate of many aspects of your society, to include general overall health of the populace. Perhaps this long lasting malnutrition has created a North Korean society no longer capable of performing military tasks, such as a blitzkrieg attack on the South.



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