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Thursday, January 22, 2004

This is coolbert: The anti-ballistic missile system. Was pushed by Pres. Bush early during his administration. At least prior to 9/11. Now on the backburner. Has been discussed for decades now. Concept is to intercept an incoming warhead with a missile and destroy it. Well, this concept has been developed and experimented with from time to time. With other systems as well. The Star Wars, High Frontier stuff. None seems to work well. The idea is that it is just too hard to hit as bullet with a bullet. Well, perhaps there is an alternative? An alternative system that could be readily and quickly be implemented for a relative cheap cost. And would more or less guarantee success against the latest threat, the threat of missile attack upon the U.S. from a rogue state or a terrorist group. Take sixteen inch naval guns, firing a round that is perhaps rocket-assisted (RAP). Similar to what Dr. Gerald Bull experimented with in his HARP project. The shell/rocket fired would contain a number of cannisters. Each cannister would contain a large number of steel ball bearings, say one inch diameter. Upon reaching a certain altitude, in path with an incoming warhead and decoys, the shell/rocket would detonate and disperse the cannisters. The cannisters would continue on a ballistic trajectory until in the approximate area of the incoming warhead/decoys. The cannisters would then also detonate and create a spew cloud of ball bearings that the warhead/decoys would have to pass through. The two trajectories of incoming warhead/decoys and ballistic cloud of ball bearings would then merge. If you had a battery of say three turrets of three guns each firing simultaneously, that would create a cloud of ball bearings that nothing could get through without suffering numerous impacts and being destroyed. It would seem that the radars, detectors and such are already in place for this system. Tie the firing batteries together with a comms system and you are ready to go. Pehaps a dozen of these batteries would cover the whole continental U.S. Multiple batteries could even fire on the same incoming target. And the batteries could fire multiple times at the same target as necessary. I see one series of rounds detonating, one on the way, and one being loaded. Cheap and dirty way that would work. Any comments anyone??



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