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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

This is coolbert: OK, what is a puppet? According to Suvorov, a puppet is a condemned man who is placed into a room with a spetsnaz trooper. A spetsnaz trooper that has been trained extensively in the Soviet martial art of SAMBO wrestling. These two will have to fight to the death. Not figurative death, but literal death!! This "training" was said to have been carried out all during the Soviet era, according to Suvorov. Most of the time the trooper would win, but on occasions, the condemned criminal would prevail! During wartime, WW2, many condemned were of course available for these "fights". Among the NKVD, the condemned were called "gladiators", among SMERSH, these were "Robinsons", and among spetsnaz, "puppets". Different names for the same thing. I would guess that many of the puppets were from among the Russian criminal class, what we now call the Russian Mafia. A very rough individual that by their very nature has emerged from a Darwinian selection process. Study your martial arts! SAMBO wrestling has become popular here in the U.S. with the immigration of many Russian nationals after the Soviet era ended. One of the winners of the "Ultimate Fighting Challenge" was a Russian who employed SAMBO methods.



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