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Monday, January 19, 2004

This is coolbert: Rich may a lot to say on the whole helo issue. There is a possible alternative to the helo that would work. This is the now down-away-with OV-10. Recently demobilized from the Marine inventory. Is still used by the militaries of a number of other countries. Was designed originally as an aircraft to be used in support of counter-insurgencies? Could carry a team five troops, and had a lot of firepower available to the aircraft. Dual engine, dual or triple tail, two man crew, etc. Could land and take off from unimproved airfields. STOL? Never was used as designed, to my knowledge. Perhaps is in some countries, but never was by the U.S. Was used as a spotter aircraft by the Marines? Maybe the OV-10 would not replace the helo, but could be used to supplement. A souped up version put back into production. Rockwell originally built through North American Aviation. Now would be done by Boeing. All sorts of varieties could be built. Lots of firepower could be built in. Hellfire missiles, cannon, mini-guns, rockets. 40 mm grenades? Modular weapons pods that could be taken it and out at will. Cheaper to implement the whole thing than design a new aircraft from scratch. Less susceptible to shootdown and less maintenance. Would not totally replace helos, but would complement.



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