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Saturday, January 17, 2004


This is coolbert:

Regarding the 9/11 attack of the current terrorist war, there is an investigation going [9/11 Commission] on as to why the attackers where able to succeed.

The consensus among the American public is that someone in the intelligence community let the country down.

Did not do their job and failed. "Were not able to connect the dots", is the term commonly heard. Persons in authority dropped the ball when they needed to carry the ball.

This investigation will undoubtedly bring recriminations and a call for shake up at the highest levels.

I wonder to what extent there is a good comprehension among the investigators as to what the intelligence business is to begin with?

That the field of intelligence is a hard business must be a starting point for discussion.

For two reasons.

* One is that the enemy, whoever they may be, is actively taking measures to prevent you from finding out what you want to find out. Measures such as background checks of recruits, need to know basis, compartmentalization, camouflage, secure comms, and such. Basics of security that are practiced by militaries and terrorist groups all over the world. I would suppose that terrorists by their very nature are even more security concious than even most militaries and apply security measures even more rigorously?

* Secondly, your opposition is at the same time feeding you deceptive information to deceive and confuse you. Intelligence analysts are fed a steady stream of deceptive information that makes their job that much more difficult. Hard to connect the dots under such circumstances.

Can it be done?

YES! But intelligence is not an easy business.



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