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Friday, January 16, 2004


This is coolbert:

The military cooperation between Indja and the U.S. must be very much increased over what it was prior to 9/11.

I think Rumsfeld himself has made a number of trips to Indja for consulations since 9/11. But, low key.

Indja has had a big problem with Muslim fundamentalism at least since 1989. For the last 15 years infiltrators from the Muslim side of Kashmir have been wreaking havoc on the Indja side. About 50,000 persons have been killed in the on-going war!

The one group of Indian Kashmir that suffered the most were a Hindu group called the Pandits. About 10,000 of them were chased out of Kashmir as they became the main target of Muslim violence. It seems the Pandits were proprietors of wine shops, mostly frequented by foreign tourists. These Pandits have found refuge all over the world since being intimidated and forced out of Kashmir.

Kashmir at one time was a main tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. Not for a long time now. The infiltrators have fought many gun battles with Indjan troops and evidently a number have been captured. Who are these villains? From North Africa, Bosnia, Chechnya, etc. Someone is training and directing these villains. I bet the Indjans have very good human intelligence [HUMINT] on the bad guys. Intelligence trading between the U.S. and Indjans is probably on-going right now.




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