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Friday, January 16, 2004


This is coolbert:

Jock elite military unit.

This topic became the subject of a newspaper columnist just after 9/11.

Well, what is the idea?

To take all these prominent professional athletes and organize them into an elite military unit. Sort of like a ranger/commando type unit that would be used to hunt for Osama and other villains that threaten our country.

Now, it would seem at face value that this idea would have great merit. The most fit persons, of proven great physical ability, to be in the military, and to carry out missions of the greatest importance.

Now, how would this fly in the real world?

Probably not too well.

For one thing, most of those great pro athletes could not pass a military physical. Sound weird? Well, the modern pro athlete is pushing their body way beyond way what it is intended to be. Many pro athletes suffer from knee injuries, broken bones and such that would preclude military service. Many pros have also taken enhancement drugs as part of their regimen. I bet many would fail a military physical drug test. Especially if steroids were tested for.

I don't think that a whole lot of the best athletes are the brightest light bulbs either. They would have trouble with the military aptitude tests. You usually need to score high in aptitude to be qualified to be a member of a special forces unit, a ranger unit, and such.

Moral turpitude might also be a factor. A lot of jocks have led lives with a whole series of petty crimes and "incidents". You usually need a high level security clearance to be in an elite unit. These guys might very well fail a background check.

The prima donna factor might also make it difficult for jocks to serve in the military period. A lot of jocks have led a live of privilege since grammar school. Having to take orders and not be the top dog might be more than the sensitive natures of a jock could take. More on this whole subject later.



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