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Friday, January 16, 2004


This is coolbert:

In my last post, I gave my opinions regarding the creation of jock elite military units.

Felt the thing would not fly.

Now, in the old Soviet Union, the concept of jock elite military units did fly. And in a big way too.

According to the defector Suvorov, the Soviet elite athletes were also for the most part members of the killer elite units of the Red Army. The "spetsnaz" were units for "special purposes".

Designed primarily to destroy U.S. nuclear weapons assets prior to the outbreak of a global conflict. Also to destroy the nuclear C cubed assets [command/control/communications] assets of the U.S.

Kill the President and all those in the chain-of-command that can release the use of nuclear weapons.

Suvorov writes, "According to Colonel-General Shatilov, the athlete is more energetic and braver in battle, has more confidence in his strength, is difficult to catch unawares, reacts quickly to change of circumstances and is less likely to tire."

Well, this is the Soviet experience. Not the experience in the U.S. One can think of persons such as Jack Dempsey, the boxer, riveting ships together while wearing patent leather shoes (a posed picture). For some reason, the U.S. response to jock elite military units is far different from the Soviet one.




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