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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


This is coolbert:

Suvorov talks about Fortifications Troops.

This was a concept that evolved in response to the threat posed by the Chinese to the Soviets.

The dilemma faced by the Soviet Generals was how to guard the very long and rugged Chinese-Soviet border.

Conventional methods would not work.

The solution was the Fortification Troops. This was a secret until revealed by Suvorov and has not mentioned in other works about the Soviets I have read.

What the Soviets did was to take the turrets and the engines out of the old fashioned Joseph Stalin (JS) and T-10 heavy tanks.

Soviet JS tank.

Soviet T-10 tank.

Create concrete emplacements every one to two kilometers along the border between China-Soviet Union. Place the turrets and engines in the emplacements. Cut up lengths of ripped up railroad track and weld the lengths of track to the turrets for added protection. These emplacements would have interlocking fields of fire. The whole mess is tied together with underground communications cables.

In time of crisis the emplacements could be manned by old, out-of-shape reservists. Gaps in between the emplacements could be filled in my mine fields and nuclear munitions. Idea was to cause the invading Chinese troops to disperse, deploy, cause casualties among same and delay until reinforcements could arrive.

Not a bad idea!

[this is a perfect example of how "defense is the stronger form of combat."]