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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This is coolbert: Helos. The Soviet MI-24 Hind is what I have in mind.

Armored chopper that acquited itself very well in the war the Soviets fought in Afghan. Originally had room for five troops, could fire ATGM, rockets, and had four 12.7 mm MG. I think the latter were replaced by 23 mm cannon?? But this bird was very big and heavy. Had two engines and multiple blades on the rotor, not just two blades. For more lift.

And evidently was armored underneath, but not on top (well, this is what you would expect, protection from ground fire). Afghan guerillas shot one of these birds down in 1979 by firing from a mountaintop downward at the chopper below in a valley!! And of course was susceptible to the shoulder fired SAM.

To build say an Apache with armor would be to make a helo very much heavier without the lift or the armament or the range. Trade off is difficult with the helo. Bronco OV-10 are supplemental answer for ground attack aircraft support??